I created the original version of this game in 3 hour period of despair on the day Tr*mp was declared president. Made partially to distract myself, I wanted to create something that could act as stress relief while also providing some hope.

Throughout this election we have heard a lot of hateful and harmful things; many people have been told they are worthless, useless and hated. There is a bitter sense of betrayal as social progression seems to have slipped backwards. In this time, it feels hopeless. Unfortunately, we can't change this result, but we can come together and support our community to make sure everyone is doing OK.

I choose these quotes because they are, in some sense, reassuring and hopeful.
If you have a nice quote, tweet it to me and I will add it in :)

"Cartoon Pop" by unfa ( https://www.freesound.org/)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Your Web build is excellent, and has the bonus of working on mobile devices as well. :)

Thanks! I remade it in Twine for that purpose :) I wanted people to be able to copy and paste the quotes and didn't want anyone to have to install any extensions just to play it.

Oh, it's a Twine version? That's cool, I assumed it was WebGL. Nice repurposing of tools!

Thanks :)

Great idea Erika <3 Love it!

Thanks :D

Hi there! I added your game to a highlights video of 5 games to relieve stress. I hope you like it! Your game really does help! :)

Thank you so much for featuring my game! Nice video - I think we all needed this recently :)

How difficult would it be to build this for android?

Honestly shouldn't be too hard! I just kinda through this together in 3 hours...


Mac buuuuuuuiiiiiillllllllld!

Working on it!