A downloadable manifesto

a small, personal manifesto for my future work.
written for & performed at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2018.

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yourself and your players.

the game should nurture those that consume it and you as you create it.

like gardening, you and your works should tend to each other.

remember that value comes from within.


break away from what has been created.

stop making the same games, stop remaking your own work.

use what you have.

remember that creation is revolutionary.


push past and expand the barriers, push yourself to try new things.

work with others, learn from them, find a way.

remove the barriers for your players: make it accessible, make it diverse.

remember that games are for everyone.


be honest in your work and to your audience.

stop making empty art, stop hiding yourself from the players.

put yourself into the work and reveal it.

remember that your continued existence is an act of rebellion.

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by erika verkaaik

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